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Services are priced based on the timing of one’s session. 

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New Clients

All New Clients Need A Consultation.

We offer complimentary consultations

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We offer sessions up to 2 hours long. Click below for all available session lengths

Before Your Appointment


  • Keep in mind that your hair needs to be visible for a consultation. Allow the hair to grow in before booking.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out client intake forms

  • Come with prepped clean skin (makeup free if possible)

  • Properly hydrate your body before your appointment.

  • Consult your doctor if you have any conditions that may affect your skin, heart or hair growth.

  • Come to your consultation prepared to address any questions or concerns you may have about the process

  • Be as honest as possible with your technician

  • Let us known if you are running late to your appointment.

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  • Arrive to your consultation hairless

  • Tweeze, wax, thread, or laser the area you would like to remove hair 

  • Arrive to your appointment intoxicated of any sort

  • Exfoliate the day before your consultation

  • Use any retinoids 1 week before your appointment

  • Expose the area to extreme sunlight before your appointment 

  • Schedule an appointment within 14 days of your last chemical peel

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Post Care Instructions

Here is what you can expect; because your skin is not familiar with the electrolysis process, after an appointment it is normal for your skin to have a few different responses and go through a healing process between 2-14 days after your appointment.

Some of those responses include:



Agitation/ Irritation 

Tenderness/ Soreness


Light Scabbing 

Although these responses are to be expected, none of them are permanent. We strongly recommend a few do’s and don'ts to aid and expedite your healing time after your treatment.


  • Feel free to take ibuprofen to reduce any swelling or tenderness within first few days of treatment.

  • Apply cold compress after treatment to help soothe skin and reduce swelling that may occur 

  • Apply Calamine lotion overnight to treated area. (Rinse gently in the morning with anti bacterial soap and water, Do NOT scrub off)

  • Clean the area twice every day with Witch Hazel. (Once before starting the day , once before you apply Calamine lotion for bed)

  • Apply Aloe Vera or Antibiotic Ointment on treated area during the day.

  • Allow scabbing (if any) to fall off on its own.


  • Do not Exfoliate the area being treated within 24 hours of your appointment time

  • Do not use your normal facial regimen or products on treated area during your healing time.

  • Do not continually touch your face during your healing time ( this is to prevent infection)

  • Do not wear material/clothing that will constantly rub against treated area. (This includes a mask)

  • Do not scrub or rub skin aggressively.

  • Do not pick at scabs after treatment ( PICKING CAUSES SCARRING)

  • Do not pick at  skin at all.

Download a copy of the post care instructions below

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