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About Us

We specialize in permanent hair removal and corrective skin care. Our technicians and estheticians are CPE certified by The Board of Electrology as well as licensed and supervised under the Georgia Board of Cosmetology.


We understand that electrolysis can seem foreign to most but we are here to shed light on this process, encourage and support you along your hair removal process. We are with you every step of the way. It is absolutely worth being completely hairless.

Our Experience

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with individuals from many different walks of life. In that time we have seen very mild to very extreme client cases. Although electrolysis can remove hair from just about any area on the body, one of the most common areas is the face. 

Common Cases

Hereditary or Hormonal 

Although hair growth can stem from various things, hormones can tend to be a common culprit for hirsutism. Hirsutism is just a fancy way of saying that women are experiencing unwanted hair in areas that are more typical of male hair growth patterns. Many times this growth is caused by medical conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or even diabetes and other times hirsutism is simply hereditary. Your family genetics can play a huge role in the growth patterns on your body. Consulting a doctor to further understand your health regarding your hair growth is always a great option.  


Our advice: Ditch your waxing and laser appointments. Electrolysis has no limits.  You can remove hair from just about anywhere. If you are tired of going back to remove hair over and over this is the best option for you. Outside of the face, other common areas include but are not limited to the neck, chest, underarms, stomach and bikini. 







We Welcome the LGBTQ Community!

Come as you are. We are in full support of every person seeking our professional expertise. Customizing our clients’ experience to meet their specific needs is important to us. If you are in the midst of transitioning or have yet to begin, it is important to note that testosterone blockers will significantly assist with reducing hair growth on your body over time. Electrolysis can help to speed up the process. No medical practitioner is required to approve the start of your hair removal process. 





Self care is important for everyone. Although men often times seek out electrolysis to maintain a tidy shape of their beard and neck hair, they too can experience extreme discomfort in those common growth areas.

Men of various hair types frequently encounter agitated, achy and ingrown beard and neck hair. This type of aggravation often results from folliculitis or other bacterial infections of the hair follicles. In these cases only electrolysis can correct the root of the issue and help to eliminate discomfort. Please consult your doctor if you seem to have an infection.

View the Process


I have been getting treatment for almost a year and saw results quickly. I don't have ingrown hairs anymore and I no longer have to tweeze or shave like I used to. Hair is growing in very fine and is not barely there. I am more than satisfied and would recommend others as well.


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